Bathe-a-Baby: The Clueless Dad’s Guide to Newborn Bath Time

By The Most Clueless

Welcome, clueless dads, to the splash zone also known as newborn bath time! If you’re worried about turning your bathroom into a mini water park, don’t sweat it.

Bathing your newborn is an adventure in itself, filled with bubbles, giggles, and yes, sometimes even unexpected surprises. Let’s get you prepped for this essential part of daddy duties.

Water Temperature Check

  • Keep it Warm: Aim for around 36.9°C (98.4°F) to keep your baby comfy.
  • Trusty Thermometer: A bath thermometer can be your best ally to nail this temperature game.

Dad’s Bath-Time Gear

  • Bath Rack: Elevates the bathtub to a comfortable height, saving your back during bath time.
  • Bath Stool: Provides a secure place for your baby to lie on, reducing the need to constantly hold them, and ensuring their safety.
  • Prep the Arsenal: Gather all your bath-time necessities – baby shampoo, washcloth, towel, fresh diaper, and clothes – beforehand.

The Art of Baby Bathing

  • Clean the Crevices: Gently explore and clean all the little folds.
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes: Use baby-friendly products and be gentle with their delicate skin.

Creating a Draft-Free Bathing Haven

  • No Cold Breezes: Turn off any air conditioning or fans in the bath area to keep your baby warm and cozy.
  • Always Support: Never forget to support their head and back, especially when they’re all slippery.

In Case of Poop…

  • Stay Calm: If your baby decides to release the Kraken mid-bath, simply drain the tub, rinse the baby with fresh water, and start again if necessary. It happens more often than you think!

Bathing Frequency: It’s a Local Thing

  • Hot and Humid Places: In warmer climates, daily baths might be refreshing for your baby.
  • Colder Regions: Every other day or even twice a week can suffice in cooler areas.

Post-Bath Routine

  • Quick and Snuggly: Wrap them up in a towel right away and dress them promptly to avoid any chills.