Tips for Bottle Feeding for A Clueless Dad

By The Most Clueless

Dads, it’s time to become experts in the art of bottle feeding! This crucial part of parenting is more than just a meal for your baby; it’s a bonding experience and a responsibility. From the correct way to hold the bottle to understanding your baby’s feeding cues, here’s a comprehensive guide to make you a pro in no time.

Mastering the Bottle Feed

  • Get Comfy: Hold your baby in a comfortable semi-upright position. It’s easier on their digestion and a great way to bond.
  • Bottle Angle: Keep the bottle tilted to prevent air intake, reducing gas and discomfort.
  • Nipple Positioning: Ensure the nipple is fully in the baby’s mouth to facilitate proper sucking.
  • Stay Engaged: Use feeding time as a bonding moment, looking at your baby, not the TV.
  • Use Pillows for Support: Place a pillow or two under your arm to prevent fatigue during the feed.
  • Tissue Trick: Instead of bibs, wrap a piece of tissue gently around your baby’s neck to catch dribbles and prevent milk from getting into hard-to-clean folds.

Feeding Duration and Pace

  • Feed with Patience: An average feed should take about 15-20 minutes, but follow your baby’s cues.
  • No Rushing: If feeding takes longer and your baby is actively feeding, that’s perfectly fine.
  • Respond to Fullness Cues: Don’t force the baby to drink more if they indicate they’re full.

The Importance of Burping

  • Mid-Feed Burping: Pause for a burp halfway through to release any swallowed air.
  • Post-Feed Care: Burp your baby after the feed and hold them upright for a while to prevent spitting up. Don’t dump the baby onto the cot immediately after feeding!

Handling Milk Like a Pro

  • Milk Temperature: Warm the milk to about 37°C (98.6°F), testing it on your wrist.
  • Post-Feed Shelf Life: Use breast milk within 2 hours after starting the feed. For formula, adhere to a 1-hour window depending on the brand you use.

Dads, you’re now armed with the essentials of bottle feeding! Remember, every feeding session is an opportunity to deepen your bond with your baby. Be patient, attentive, and enjoy these precious moments.

Your support and care during these times are invaluable in nurturing your baby’s growth and well-being. Happy bottle feeding!