100 Unique Biblical Baby Boy Names: A Clueless Dad’s Guide to Meaningful Naming

By The Most Clueless

Hey clueless dads out there, embarking on the quest to find the perfect name for your little champ? Dive into our handpicked selection of 100 baby boy names inspired by the Bible. We’ve got you covered with everything from the classic Davids and Matthews to the more unique gems like Boaz and Thaddeus.

Each name isn’t just a tag; it’s a piece of history, packed with meaning and a dash of spiritual zest. Whether you’re looking for a name steeped in tradition or something with a profound story, our list is the perfect starting point to find that special name for your baby boy.

Biblical Baby Boy Names with Explaination

  1. Aaron: In the Bible, Aaron was Moses’ older brother, known for his role as a high priest and for his gifted speaking abilities.
  2. Abel: A name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘breath’ or ‘vanity’, Abel was Adam and Eve’s second son who was known for his righteousness.
  3. Abijah: Meaning ‘the Lord is my father’, Abijah is a Biblical name found in the Old Testament, associated with several different figures.
  4. Abner: This name means ‘father of light’ and was borne by a cousin of King Saul and a commander in the army, known for his wisdom and bravery.
  5. Abraham: Often called the “Father of Nations”, Abraham is a key patriarch in the Bible, known for his unwavering faith and covenant with God.
  6. Adam: The very first human created by God in the Bible, Adam’s name signifies ‘man’ or ‘to make’, symbolizing the beginning of mankind.
  7. Amos: Meaning ‘carried by God’, Amos was one of the Twelve Minor Prophets in the Old Testament, known for his justice and righteousness.
  8. Andrew: A New Testament name, Andrew was one of Jesus’ twelve apostles, known for being a fisherman and the brother of Simon Peter.
  9. Asa: Asa, meaning ‘physician’ or ‘healer’, was a righteous king of Judah in the Bible noted for his religious reforms.
  10. Asher: This name, meaning ‘happy’ or ‘blessed’, belonged to one of Jacob’s twelve sons in the Old Testament, and is associated with joy and fortune.
  11. Barnabas: A New Testament name, meaning ‘son of encouragement’. Barnabas was a notable early Christian who was a companion of Paul.
  12. Bartholomew: One of the twelve apostles, Bartholomew is a name of Aramaic origin meaning ‘son of Tolmai’.
  13. Benjamin: The youngest son of Jacob in the Old Testament, Benjamin means ‘son of the right hand’ or ‘son of the south’.
  14. Boaz: A figure in the Book of Ruth, Boaz means ‘swiftness’. He is known for his integrity and kindness.
  15. Caleb: Meaning ‘faithful’ or ‘whole-hearted’, Caleb was a companion of Moses and Joshua during their journey in the desert.
  16. Cyrus: A Persian king in the Old Testament, Cyrus means ‘sun’. He is known for his decree to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.
  17. Daniel: Known for the ‘Daniel in the Lion’s Den’ narrative, his name means ‘God is my judge’.
  18. David: The second and greatest king of Israel, known for his psalms. David means ‘beloved’.
  19. Ebenezer: Meaning ‘stone of help’, Ebenezer appears in the Book of Samuel, marking the Israelites’ victory over the Philistines.
  20. Eli: A high priest and judge of Israel in the Books of Samuel. Eli means ‘ascension’ or ‘my God’.
  21. Elian: A variant of Elijah, meaning ‘my God is Yahweh’.
  22. Elijah: A prophet in the Old Testament, known for his confrontations with the prophets of Baal. Elijah means ‘my God is Yahweh’.
  23. Elisha: Successor of the prophet Elijah, Elisha means ‘God is salvation’.
  24. Enoch: The great-grandfather of Noah, known for ‘walking faithfully with God’. Enoch means ‘dedicated’.
  25. Ephraim: A son of Joseph, meaning ‘fruitful’. In the Bible, Ephraim is one of the tribes of Israel.
  26. Esau: The older twin brother of Jacob, Esau means ‘hairy’ or ‘rough’. He is known for selling his birthright for a meal.
  27. Ethan: Meaning ‘firm’, ‘strong’, Ethan is known as a wise man in the Psalms.
  28. Ezekiel: A major prophet, his name means ‘God strengthens’. Known for the Book of Ezekiel.
  29. Ezra: Meaning ‘help’, Ezra was a scribe and leader who brought reforms in the post-exilic period.
  30. Felix: A name meaning ‘happy’ or ‘fortunate’. In the New Testament, Felix was a Roman governor of Judea.
  31. Festus: Meaning ‘festive’, Festus was a governor of Judea who appears in the Acts of the Apostles.
  32. Gabriel: An archangel who appears in both the Old and New Testaments, Gabriel means ‘God is my strength’.
  33. Gideon: A military leader, judge, and prophet whose name means ‘feller’ or ‘hewer’.
  34. Hezekiah: A king of Judah, Hezekiah means ‘Yahweh strengthens’. Known for his reforms and extending Jerusalem’s water supply.
  35. Hosea: A prophet in the Old Testament, his name means ‘salvation’ or ‘he saves’.
  36. Immanuel: Meaning ‘God with us’, it represents a prophetic name for the Messiah.
  37. Isaac: Son of Abraham, Isaac means ‘he will laugh’, signifying joy and fulfillment.
  38. Isaiah: A major prophet, Isaiah means ‘salvation of the Lord’. Known for the Book of Isaiah.
  39. Ishmael: Abraham’s first son, meaning ‘God hears’. He is considered the patriarch of the Ishmaelites.
  40. Israel: Originally named Jacob; after wrestling with an angel, he was renamed Israel, meaning ‘one who struggles with God’.
  41. Jacob: A patriarch in the Old Testament, Jacob means ‘supplanter’. He was renamed Israel by God.
  42. Jairus: In the New Testament, Jairus was a synagogue leader who sought Jesus’ help to heal his daughter.
  43. James: One of Jesus’ twelve apostles, James is a name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘supplanter’.
  44. Jared: In the Old Testament, Jared means ‘descent’. He was a pre-flood ancestor of Noah.
  45. Jason: Meaning ‘healer’, Jason is a figure in the New Testament who showed hospitality to Paul and Silas.
  46. Jasper: Though not directly a biblical character, Jasper is a precious stone mentioned in the Bible, symbolizing treasure and beauty.
  47. Jedidiah: A symbolic name given by God to King Solomon in the Old Testament, meaning ‘beloved of the Lord’.
  48. Jeremiah: A major prophet in the Old Testament, Jeremiah means ‘exalted of the Lord’.
  49. Jesse: The father of King David, Jesse means ‘gift’. He is often remembered for his lineage to Jesus.
  50. Jesus: The central figure of Christianity, Jesus means ‘God saves’. He is known for his teachings and sacrifice.
  51. Joel: A prophet in the Old Testament, Joel means ‘Yahweh is God’. He authored the Book of Joel.
  52. John: One of Jesus’ apostles and the author of several New Testament books, John means ‘God is gracious’.
  53. Jonah: A prophet known for the story of being swallowed by a great fish, Jonah means ‘dove’.
  54. Jonathan: King Saul’s son and a close friend of David, Jonathan means ‘given by God’.
  55. Joseph: The earthly father of Jesus, Joseph means ‘he will add’. He is known for his righteousness.
  56. Joshua: A leader of the Israelites after Moses, Joshua means ‘God is salvation’.
  57. Josiah: A righteous king of Judah, Josiah means ‘God supports’.
  58. Judah: One of Jacob’s twelve sons, Judah means ‘praise’. He is a forefather of King David.
  59. Jude: A short form of Judah, also known as an author of one of the New Testament’s letters.
  60. Kenan: A descendant of Seth in the Old Testament, Kenan means ‘possession’.
  61. Laban: In the Old Testament, Laban was Rebecca’s brother and Jacob’s uncle, meaning ‘white’.
  62. Lazarus: A man raised from the dead by Jesus, Lazarus means ‘God has helped’.
  63. Levi: Another name for the apostle Matthew, Levi means ‘joined’ or ‘attached’.
  64. Luke: The author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, Luke means ‘light-giving’.
  65. Malachi: The last of the Old Testament prophets, Malachi means ‘my messenger’.
  66. Mark: The author of the second Gospel, Mark means ‘polite’ or ‘shining’.
  67. Matthew: One of Jesus’ apostles and the author of the first Gospel, Matthew means ‘gift of God’.
  68. Micah: A prophet in the Old Testament, Micah means ‘who is like God’.
  69. Michael: An archangel in the Bible, Michael means ‘who is like God’.
  70. Mordecai: A key figure in the Book of Esther, Mordecai means ‘servant of Marduk’.
  71. Moses: The Hebrew prophet and leader who delivered the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, Moses means ‘drawn out of the water’.
  72. Nathanael: A disciple of Jesus, Nathanael means ‘God has given’ in Hebrew.
  73. Nehemiah: A leader who played a key role in the rebuilding of Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile, his name means ‘comforted by Yahweh’.
  74. Noah: Known for the Ark, Noah’s story represents survival and faith. His name means ‘rest’ or ‘comfort’.
  75. Obadiah: A prophet, the name Obadiah means ‘servant of Yahweh’.
  76. Obed: The grandfather of King David, Obed means ‘serving’ or ‘worshiping’.
  77. Paul: Originally Saul, Paul was an apostle who played a crucial role in the spread of Christianity. His name means ‘small’ or ‘humble’.
  78. Peter: One of Jesus’ apostles and the ‘rock’ upon which the Church was built, Peter means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’.
  79. Philip: One of the twelve apostles, Philip means ‘lover of horses’.
  80. Phineas: In the Bible, Phineas is noted for his zeal for God. The name means ‘the face of trust’ or ‘protection’.
  81. Reuben: Jacob’s firstborn, Reuben means ‘behold, a son’.
  82. Rufus: Mentioned in the New Testament, Rufus means ‘red-haired’.
  83. Samson: Known for his incredible strength, Samson’s name means ‘sun’ or ‘service’.
  84. Samuel: A prophet who anointed Saul and David as kings, Samuel means ‘God has heard’.
  85. Seth: Adam and Eve’s third son, Seth means ‘appointed’ or ‘placed’.
  86. Shem: One of Noah’s sons, Shem means ‘name’ or ‘renown’.
  87. Silas: A leader in the early Christian community, Silas means ‘forest’ or ‘wood’.
  88. Simeon: Jacob’s second son, Simeon means ‘one who hears’.
  89. Simon: The original name of Peter, one of the twelve apostles, meaning ‘he has heard’.
  90. Solomon: Known for his wisdom, Solomon means ‘peace’.
  91. Stephen: The first Christian martyr, Stephen means ‘crown’ or ‘wreath’.
  92. Thaddeus: One of Jesus’ twelve apostles, Thaddeus means ‘heart’ or ‘courageous heart’.
  93. Theophilus: Meaning ‘friend of God’, mentioned in the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles.
  94. Thomas: One of the twelve apostles, famously known for his doubts about Jesus’ resurrection. Thomas means ‘twin’.
  95. Timothy: A young disciple and companion of Paul, Timothy means ‘honoring God’.
  96. Titus: A companion of Paul, Titus means ‘honorable’.
  97. Tobias: A form of the name Tobiah, which means ‘Yahweh is good’.
  98. Uriah: Meaning ‘Yahweh is my light’, Uriah was a soldier in King David’s army.
  99. Zachariah: A prophet and the father of John the Baptist, Zachariah means ‘Yahweh remembers’.
  100. Zebulun: One of Jacob’s twelve sons, Zebulun means ‘exalted’ or ‘honored’.

Each of these 100 Biblical baby boy names carries a deep historical and spiritual resonance, offering more than just a name, but a story and a legacy. As you consider these names for your newborn son, remember that the right name can be a beautiful homage to faith and tradition.

And for those expecting a little princess, don’t worry – we have an equally inspiring list of baby girl names waiting for you. Whether for a boy or a girl, choosing a name is a significant and joyful step in your parenting journey.