68 Biblical Baby Girl Names – Guide for Naming Your Princess

Choosing a meaningful Biblical baby girl name is a significant and heartwarming task for new parents. Our extensive list of...

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Choosing a meaningful Biblical baby girl name is a significant and heartwarming task for new parents. Our extensive list of unique Biblical names for baby girls offers a blend of tradition, spiritual depth, and timeless beauty.

From the well-loved Sarah and Rebekah to the less common but equally captivating Zipporah and Vashti, each name carries a story and a legacy. Perfect for those who value historical richness and spiritual significance, this guide not only presents a variety of names but also delves into the narratives and virtues that make them special. Embark on this journey to find a name that will be a beacon of identity and faith for your little girl.

  1. Abigail: Meaning “father’s joy” in Hebrew, Abigail was a wise and prophetic woman who became a wife of King David.
  2. Adah: A name meaning “adornment”, Adah appears in the Old Testament as one of the wives of Lamech.
  3. Adina: This name, meaning “delicate” or “slender” in Hebrew, is mentioned in the Old Testament in 1 Chronicles.
  4. Ariel: Meaning “lion of God”, Ariel is a name that appears in the Old Testament, often symbolizing the city of Jerusalem.
  5. Atarah: Atarah means “crown” in Hebrew and is mentioned in the Bible as a descendant of Judah.
  6. Bathsheba: The wife of Uriah and later King David, Bathsheba played a significant role in the ancestry of Jesus. Her name means “daughter of the oath”.
  7. Beulah: Meaning “married”, this name symbolizes the land of Israel in the Old Testament.
  8. Candace: A title used for queens in ancient Ethiopia, Candace is mentioned in the New Testament in Acts.
  9. Carmel: Meaning “garden” or “orchard”, Carmel is a mountain range in Israel and a symbol of beauty and fertility.
  10. Chloe: A name of Greek origin, meaning “blooming” or “fertility”, used by Paul in the New Testament to refer to a Christian woman.
  11. Claudia: Mentioned in the New Testament, Claudia is a name of Latin origin, likely connected to a noble Roman family.
  12. Deborah: A prophetess and the only female judge mentioned in the Bible, Deborah means ‘bee’ and symbolizes eloquence and leadership.
  13. Delilah: Known for her story with Samson in the Book of Judges, Delilah’s name possibly means ‘delicate’ or ‘amorous’.
  14. Dinah: The only daughter of Jacob and Leah, Dinah’s name means ‘judged’ or ‘vindicated’.
  15. Dorcas: Also known as Tabitha, she was a generous woman resurrected by Peter in the New Testament. Her name means ‘gazelle’.
  16. Drusilla: A name of Greek origin, Drusilla appears in the New Testament as the wife of Felix, the Roman governor.
  17. Eden: Meaning ‘delight’, this name is famously associated with the Garden of Eden, representing paradise and innocence.
  18. Elisabeth: The mother of John the Baptist, Elisabeth means ‘God is my oath’. She is known for her faith and patience.
  19. Esther: The Jewish queen who saved her people, Esther means ‘star’ or ‘hidden’. Her story is celebrated during the festival of Purim.
  20. Eunice: Mother of Timothy in the New Testament, Eunice means ‘good victory’, known for her faith and upbringing of her son.
  21. Eve: The first woman created according to the Bible, Eve means ‘living’ or ‘source of life’, a symbol of the beginning of humankind.
  22. Hadassah: The Hebrew name of Queen Esther, Hadassah means ‘myrtle tree’, signifying righteousness and redemption.
  23. Hannah: Mother of Samuel, Hannah means ‘favor’ or ‘grace’. Her story in the Book of Samuel is one of faith and devotion.
  24. Huldah: A prophetess in the Old Testament, Huldah means ‘weasel’. She played a role in King Josiah’s religious reforms.
  25. Iscah: Mentioned briefly in Genesis, Iscah, meaning ‘to behold’, was a relative of Abraham.
  26. Jael: Known for her heroism in the Book of Judges, Jael means ‘mountain goat’, symbolizing strength and agility.
  27. Jemima: One of Job’s daughters, Jemima means ‘day’ or ‘warm’, symbolizing beauty and renewal.
  28. Joanna: A follower of Jesus and wife of Chuza, Joanna means ‘God is gracious’. She is noted for her support of Jesus’ ministry.
  29. Judith: A heroine in the Apocrypha, Judith means ‘Jewish woman’ or ‘praised’. Her story is one of bravery and faith.
  30. Julia: Mentioned in the New Testament, Julia is a feminine form of Julius, indicating nobility and youth.
  31. unia: Mentioned in the New Testament, Junia is a name of Latin origin, noted for being “outstanding among the apostles.”
  32. Keturah: Abraham’s wife after Sarah, Keturah means ‘incense’ in Hebrew, symbolizing a sweet and pleasant aroma.
  33. Keziah: One of Job’s daughters, Keziah means ‘cassia’, a spice, symbolizing richness and beauty.
  34. Leah: Jacob’s first wife, Leah means ‘weary’ in Hebrew, but she is also known for her strength and endurance in her story.
  35. Lois: Mentioned as Timothy’s grandmother in the New Testament, Lois is praised for her faith, and her name means ‘better’ or ‘more desirable’.
  36. Lydia: A convert to Christianity and supporter of Paul’s ministry, Lydia means ‘woman from Lydia’ in Greek and is known for her hospitality.
  37. Magdalene: Referring to Mary Magdalene, a devoted follower of Jesus, the name means ‘from Magdala’, a village on the Sea of Galilee.
  38. Mahlah: In the Old Testament, Mahlah was one of the daughters of Zelophehad, known for advocating for women’s inheritance rights.
  39. Martha: Sister of Mary and Lazarus, Martha is known for her service and hospitality; her name means ‘lady’ or ‘mistress’.
  40. Mary: One of the most recognized names, Mary, the mother of Jesus, symbolizes purity and devotion; the name means ‘beloved’ or ‘wished-for child’.
  41. Michal: Daughter of King Saul and wife of David, Michal means ‘who is like God’, known for her love and complex life events.
  42. Milcah: Mentioned in Genesis, Milcah means ‘queen’ and was the wife of Nahor, Abraham’s brother.
  43. Miriam: The sister of Moses and Aaron, Miriam is a prophetess known for her leadership and courage; her name means ‘wished-for child’.
  44. Naomi: Meaning ‘pleasantness’, Naomi is a central figure in the Book of Ruth, known for her resilience and loyalty.
  45. Noa: One of the daughters of Zelophehad, Noa means ‘motion’ in Hebrew. She was known for her role in pioneering women’s rights.
  46. Orpah: Sister-in-law to Ruth, Orpah means ‘back of the neck’ in Hebrew, known for her initial decision to return to her people.
  47. Peninnah: A character in the Book of Samuel, Peninnah means ‘pearl’ or ‘precious stone’.
  48. Phoebe: A deaconess in the early Church, Phoebe means ‘bright’ or ‘radiant’ in Greek, known for her service to the church at Cenchreae.
  49. Priscilla: A key figure in the early Church alongside her husband Aquila, Priscilla means ‘ancient’ and is known for her teaching and hospitality.
  50. Rachel: The beloved wife of Jacob, Rachel means ‘ewe’ in Hebrew and is known for her beauty and enduring love story with Jacob.
  51. Rahab: Known for assisting Israelite spies in Jericho, Rahab’s name means ‘broad’ or ‘spacious’ and symbolizes bravery and faith.
  52. Rebecca: Isaac’s wife, Rebecca means ‘to tie’ or ‘to bind’ in Hebrew, known for her kindness and decisiveness.
  53. Rhoda: Mentioned in the New Testament, Rhoda, meaning ‘rose’, is known for her joy upon recognizing Peter’s voice.
  54. Ruth: The Moabite widow who became the great-grandmother of King David, Ruth means ‘friend’ or ‘companion’, symbolizing loyalty and faith.
  55. Salome: A common name in the Herodian dynasty, Salome means ‘peace’. She is known in the New Testament for her dance before Herod.
  56. Samaria: While not a person, Samaria is a region of ancient Israel, and the name symbolizes watchfulness or guardianship.
  57. Sapphira: Known for the story of Ananias and Sapphira in the Acts of the Apostles, her name means ‘beautiful’ or ‘precious like a sapphire’.
  58. Sarah: Abraham’s wife and matriarch, Sarah means ‘princess’ in Hebrew, known for her beauty and faith.
  59. Serah: Granddaughter of Jacob, Serah’s name means ‘princess’ or ‘star’, symbolizing brightness and continuity.
  60. Shiphrah: One of the Hebrew midwives who defied Pharaoh’s orders in Exodus, Shiphrah means ‘beauty’ or ‘brightness’.
  61. Susanna: Mentioned in the Gospel of Luke, Susanna supported Jesus and his disciples. Her name means ‘lily’ or ‘rose’.
  62. Tabitha: Also known as Dorcas, she was a charitable woman raised from the dead by Peter. Tabitha means ‘gazelle’.
  63. Tamar: A figure in Genesis and 2 Samuel, Tamar means ‘palm tree’, symbolizing righteousness and resilience.
  64. Tryphena: Mentioned in the New Testament, Tryphena, meaning ‘delicate’ or ‘soft’, was noted for her work in the Lord.
  65. Tryphosa: A companion to Tryphena in the New Testament, her name means ‘luxurious’ and indicates a person of high status.
  66. Vashti: A queen of Persia who stood up for herself, Vashti means ‘beautiful’ or ‘best’.
  67. Zillah: In Genesis, Zillah was Lamech’s wife, her name meaning ‘shadow’ or ‘protection’.
  68. Zipporah: Moses’ wife, Zipporah means ‘bird’, known for her quick actions to save Moses’ life.

Remember, each name carries a story, a legacy, and a touch of spiritual depth that will accompany your daughter throughout her life.

And for those soon welcoming a little guy, don’t fret; we’ve got an equally inspiring selection of baby boy names waiting for you. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, choosing the perfect name is an exciting part of your adventure into parenthood.

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